Hypothyroidism: insure a real estate loan despite illness

Subscription for mortgage insurance in case of hypothyroidism

Subscription for mortgage insurance in case of hypothyroidism

A hypothyroidism is a health problem that can make it difficult to obtain your home loan because, as it is an “aggravated health risk”, your bank may refuse to insure you. And if she agrees to give you her “group insurance”, it will exclude the risk of hypothyroidism, that is, it will not protect you for any situation related to your health problem. It is therefore advisable to solicit insurers to find cheap loan insurance with management of aggravated health risk hypothyroidism.

Insure your loan in case of hypothyroidism

Insure your loan in case of hypothyroidism

The “group contract” of the banks is a group insurance offering a standard cover to the borrowers. This type of insurance does not generally cover aggravated health risks, hazardous occupations, and sports and recreational risk. Indeed, since it is question of a risk higher than the average of the borrowers supported by the group insurance, the bank can refuse to assure you. And in this case, it also refuses to grant you your loan because for banks and credit organizations any mortgage must be secured by a borrower insurance.

With the Lagarde law, you are free to subscribe your credit insurance outside the lender. It is therefore possible for you to compete with insurance companies to find loan insurance that will cover your risk of hypothyroidism at the lowest price on the market and see you and grant your mortgage.

Comparator insurance health risk mortgage hypothyroidism

Comparator insurance health risk mortgage hypothyroidism

You will save time in your search for hypothyroid risk mortgage insurance by using the online insurance comparator. Free and without obligation, it allows you to compare very quickly the best offers of loan insurance market that best fit your situation. Then you just have to ask for your hypothyroidism credit insurance quote cheap.

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  • Medical questionnaire health risk hypothyroidie
  • Free reminder of a dedicated advisor

3 reasons to delegate your hypothyroidism loan insurance with Loan Insurance-not-expensive

When you buy your loan insurance elsewhere than from the lending institution, you make a “delegation of insurance”. By delegating your hypothyroidism risk loan insurance with the Insurance-Loan-not-expensive broker:

  1. You compare the best insurance loan offers on the market.
  2. You benefit from personalized advice to choose your hypothyroidism credit insurance.
  3. At the lowest rate on the market, you get a custom contract that your bank can not refuse.

With insurance-of-loan-not-expensive, you access the insurance and the loan in the best conditions!

The AERAS convention

The AERAS (Insuring and Borrowing with an Enhanced Health Risk) agreement is a scheme designed to facilitate obtaining loan insurance and credit for people who have increased health risks.

Learn more about the AERAS convention

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