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We can help you with funding of 30,000 to 200,000 USD.

Good Finance helps small and medium-sized businesses get financing for further development in the amount of ten to fifty thousand USD from a private investor or business angel.

What are the investor’s conditions for raising finance?

What are the investor

Business angels have the experience, contacts, and funding they need to grow your business further. They are ready to share with you in exchange for parts of your company.

Why is an investor better than a bank loan?

Why is an investor better than a <a href=bank loan?” />

Because the bank’s condition is that you repay your money and interest faster. How you do it is up to you.

Investors, however, have a greater responsibility because they have invested their money, they own part of the company, so they have a direct interest in making your company work efficiently, grow and profit. 

What percentage of the company will the investor own?

What percentage of the company will the investor own?

It all depends on how much funding you need. However, the terms will be mutually beneficial. If either side does not agree, the negotiations will continue until agreement is reached or a new business angel is sought.

If the company has already realized the leverage, the investor has helped with their experience and contacts, and the company continues to grow, is it possible to get rid of the investor and regain full control of the company?

Yes, it is only possible that you will have to buy back the investor’s stakes in the company, which is only logical, because we all invest money on the condition of making a profit later. This issue can be discussed and included in the mutual agreement even before the cooperation begins.

What Do You Need to Get Investor Support?

What Do You Need to Get Investor Support?

You need to have a convincing business plan and the ability to convince the investor that they need to invest their resources directly in your business.

What makes your idea and business plan better than others?

Why is your idea so wonderful that people are willing to pay money to own your product or service?

What will an investor do when investing in your company? Of course, the investor will invest his resources where he will have better terms and more confidence in the business growth potential.

If the idea is successful, then the investor is interested in investing his resources in the development of the company and supporting the further growth of the company with his financing, advice, experience and contacts.

It is important that you are open, telling us the strengths and weaknesses of the company. What are you doing to improve the weaknesses of your company?

The more open you are in communication with your prospective investor, the more open he or she will be to you, and the ability to provide more support, not just financially.

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